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Cohiba Behike 54 Limited Edition

Cohiba Behike BHK 54 is the medium member of the most elegant line in the most elegant brand of Habanos. Same like smaller brother it is also produced in very limited quantities but if you do not miss to get one of these you can make sure that you will be more than satisfied. AROMA LEATHERY DURATION 45 MINUTES 1 HOUR...

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Ramon Allone cigars online


Ramón Allones is one of the reference names in the history of the Habano. Founded in 1837 by the Galician Ramón Allones, it is in the group of the oldest brands that still exist today.


Ramón Allones is credited with being the first to have presented his Habanos in boxes decorated with his brand, thus being the pioneer of a way to present Habanos, a tradition that has survived to this day.


All the Habanos of the brand, made with a ligature of leaves of casing and cloak coming from the area of Vuelta Abajo, are characterized by an intense and complex flavor.


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