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Cohiba Behike 54 Limited Edition

Cohiba Behike BHK 54 is the medium member of the most elegant line in the most elegant brand of Habanos. Same like smaller brother it is also produced in very limited quantities but if you do not miss to get one of these you can make sure that you will be more than satisfied. AROMA LEATHERY DURATION 45 MINUTES 1 HOUR...

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cuban trinidad cigars


The name of Trinidad is a tribute to the population called Santísima Trinidad that was built during the sixteenth century, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, which is located on the south coast of Cuba.

The origins of Trinidad as a Habanos brand date back to 1969, and for many years, like the Cohiba brand, it is only used as a state gift for high-ranking foreign dignitaries. It was in 1998 when this brand was made available to smokers around the world, but yes, in very limited quantities.


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